Seed Storm Features


For any sort of seed storm plan you decide on the download speed is 1000Mbit as well as the upload speed is 300Mbit

Bandwidth Allocated

As far the Shared plans go the Storm 1, Storm 2, Storm 3 as well as Storm 4 plans supply you a bandwidth of 2TB, 4TB, 7.5 TB and also 10TB specifically. The Beginner VPS plan offers you a bandwidth of 2TB whereas the Advanced as well as Premium plans supply a bandwidth of 5TB and also 10TB respectively.

For greater Bandwidth you can pick dedicated plans as bandwidth can differ from 7.5 TB to 30TB as well as depending on the plan you choose.

Storage space supplied

If you're looking for trying to find phenomenal storage room you will certainly need to pick a dedicated plan as they could provide you a 2 * 500GB+ Hard drive to 2 * 2TB hard drive.

The VPS Starter supplies you 500GB storage, Advanced provides you 1000GB storage space and also the Premium plan offers you 2000GB of storage space. For the shared plans the storage space could vary type 350GB provided with the Storm 1 plan to 1300GB which is provided with the Storm 4 plan.

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